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Welcome to Canada's Solar Panel Authority.

We are a passionate group of Canadians from southern Ontario, dedicated to making green solar energy accessible to all. Our mission is to revolutionize how we power our lives by harnessing the sun's energy to heat our spaces, water, and generate electricity through photovoltaic systems. Say goodbye to fossil fuel dependence and join us in creating a sustainable future for generations to come. With our expertise, we aim to empower you with knowledge and guide you towards the perfect solar energy solution for your home, office, pool, or vacation property. Embrace the solar revolution and be a part of the green energy movement today!

Solar Energy is the future. It's green; it's affordable; embrace solar in 2023!

Solar Power/Electricity

In much of the world solar power is thought of as a way to generate electricity using solar panels made up of photovoltaic cells. That's true in Canada too, although many Canadians think of "solar energy" as any sort of solar installation for heating or any other use. In this section of our website, we look specifically at electric power generation using solar technology to keep our homes lit and our vehicles charged. Read More

Solar Space Heating

In Canada space heating is the single largest expense when operating a household and the biggest waste of non-renewable natural resources and causes the largest carbon footprint.

With solar panels in a heating system we can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Heating our homes and businesses with solar energy could save us all hundreds of dollars per month and with only some simple retrofit options, solar heat could be the easiest and most rewarding renovation that you'll ever do. Read More

Solar Water Heater

Possibly the most viable and currently most widely used application for solar panels is for heating water. Solar water heating is popular because it requires quite simple technology and because solar heated water can be stored so easily compared to solar heated air for space heating. Such technology is perfect in any part of Canada's climate. Read More

Solar Pool Heating

Now commonplace, solar pool heaters are available for any size installation and in any part of the world. Using some of the most basic solar pool heaters, homeowners are able to dramatically decrease the cost of heating their pool water while increasing their enjoyment of their pools. A solar pool heater is an excellent place to start when choosing affordable green energy options. Read More

Note! If you would like us to feature your DIY solar project or products on the Solar Authority Website, just send us a message using our Contact Us form and we’ll be happy to include you.

Planning a DIY Solar Project?

Take control of your energy future with DIY solar installations and embark on a journey towards sustainability and independence. With advancements in technology and accessible resources, installing your own solar system has never been more achievable. Embrace the freedom of generating your clean energy while enjoying substantial savings on your energy bills. DIY solar installations offer not only financial benefits but also a sense of pride and accomplishment. Imagine the satisfaction of harnessing the abundant power of the sun to power your home, reduce your carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener planet. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of the renewable energy revolution. Join the ranks of savvy homeowners who have embraced the DIY solar movement and unlock a brighter, more sustainable future for yourself and generations to come. Read More

Searching for Solar Products?

We don't sell solar products but we are proud to provide links to some of the most innovative and practical products that we are able to source. In addition to the components you will need for your DIY project, we also have links to professional products and contractors. If you are looking for products or services we suggest you check out our Solar Shopping section.

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