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Solar pool heater When I was considering a heat source for my backyard pool, all I had to do was to look up at the sunny sky to realize the primary benefit of solar heat - it's free heat energy courtesy of the sun! And, even though most energy sources are becoming more scarce and thus more expensive, solar energy will remain free for as long as we are alive on earth.

Solar collectors for pools, and using your existing pump and filter, are designed to heat large amounts of water to comparably low temperatures, usually between °F and °F (27.32°C) compared to solar panels used for heating domestic hot water.

Often collectors are made of polypropylene plastic that is excellent for the temperature ranges necessary in pool water use. Such solar collectors differ from their domestic hot-water counterparts, in that they are not often uninsulated or even glazed.

Solar Pool Water Heaters

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

- Warren Buffett

The Economics of Solar Pool Heating

Now that it is summer again in Canada and the rest of the Northern hemisphere, we're all looking forward to swimming in outdoor pools again. Anyone who has owned a pool knows that heating the pool water is the single largest expense. In an interview with 30 residential pool owners who use natural gas to heat their pools all except three of them indicated that they pay more than $100 per month. The other three were just cheap and keep their pools at a ridiculously low temperature.

Those who have migrated from using fossil fuels to heat their pools toward solar pool heating tell a very different story. Only 3 percent of respondents indicated that they needed to use their gas powered heaters on occasion. All others said that their solar heaters were able to keep the pool warm enough throughout the swimming season. In our study we found that 100% of the pool owners were reluctant to use solar energy to run their pumps and filters since they need to run them on cloudy days.


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