DIY Solar Panels

Why Do it Yourself?

A diy solar panel People said I was crazy. "You are going to build your own solar panels to heat your hot water?". They laughed at me when I bought some DIY solar panel plans on the Internet. But who's laughing now?

For under $1000 I was able to buy the plans and all of the materials. It just took me a weekend to build with my handyman buddy and a bit of tinkering to get it perfect. But now I estimate that my DIY solar panels save me in excess of $20 per month. I save on both the energy that it takes to heat my hot water and on my household heating.

In fact, the system was so easy to build myself that I am thinking of building my own photovoltaic solar panels for my garage so I can save on electricity. If you have any mechanical skills at all, you can build your own solar panels.

How to Build a DIY Solar Panel

A DIY solar panel project is both satisfying to build and satisfying to the pocketbook.

- DIY Dan

Before we get stared it's important to note that DIY solar panels and other components may not be as safe as commercial solar systems. If you damage your house or hurt someone by using a system that is not approved by the authorities, your insurance company may not cover you and you may get sued.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. The first task is to locate some plans on the Internet or in a book. The library has many books that outline very specific plans for solar collectors, heat exchangers and storage tanks. Without having good plans, your DIY project may be a waste of money due to sizing issues.
  2. Ensuring that you have an adequate location for your solar panels is the next step. Remember that the panels need to have clear exposure to the southern sky. Again you will find details on the exact direction and angle in a book or on the Internet.
  3. The next step is to purchase the products that make up your system. Many are tempted to purchase used items when building a solar collector, but we believe that using only new materials will help ensure a safe and effective job.
  4. Assembling the components and testing them is the final thing to do in your DIY Solar project. Be sure not to have any leaks in your heat exchanger so you don't poison your family. It's a heat exchanger not a fluid exchanger.


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